Friday, 7 November 2008

Up the Hamble yet again

Max Taylor, designer and builder of this rowing boat that I blogged back in April, missed the great row up the Hamble last week despite living in sight of the start point. He was away in Cornwall, he writes:
Glad to see your Hamble row went well. Sadly every time you or the HBBR come to Hamble I'm away. This time we were in Fowey for the week avoiding email and phones. We did however find this loverly boat, I made some enquiries about its history, but the best response was from the man on the Bodinnick Ferry was 'she's a proper old'un'. For those of us who haven't graduated to a sliding seat she looks safe and fast and seaworthy. I tried to find the owner to see if he'd let me take the lines off her at LW.
Back to Hamble - I row from Swanwick Hard pretty much most weekends and wondered if there might be interest via your blog, in a monthly row over winter - ie last Sunday of the month with a suitable tide. If the weather is bad the river makes for an interesting trip with pub at either end. Or if weather permitted how about doing the 'two Jolly's' - Jolly Sailor at Bursledon to the Jolly Sailor at Ashlett - I know the latter is sadly closed but it's a nice title.

I feel that crossing Southampton Water to Ashlett is probably one for warmer weather (at least, in a boat as open as Snarleyow) but any time is good for a row up the Hamble as long as it is not actually raining (I will be able to do the trip without looking round soon).
Anyway, Max and I have made a date for Sunday 30th November. High tide at Warsash is about noon, so an 11.00 start at Swanwick should get us up to either Botley or Curbridge by beer time. If anybody would like to join us, either drop me an email or just turn up at Shore Road, Swanwick, Hants on the day.

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