Friday, 2 March 2012

Socialising afloat

We headed towards Emsworth on Thursday for a late afternoon row, with four people which meant three in a Teifi (Geoff, Barry and Frances) and me in Kittiwake. They went direct, but I headed down to Marker Point where I came across Dark Star moving slowly up-channel with the flood tide and a very small amount of wind. Most sailors fire up the smellynoisyhorriblething at this stage, but Dark Star just floated mid channel taking in the loveliness of the early spring sunset.
I took the shot above and Dark Star took these:
The Langstone Cutters met up at the Blue Bell in Emsworth for a quick one, then headed back. On the way, who should I come up on but Sarah and Beroe. It is amazing how social life on the harbour is.

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momist said...

Always tears at my heart when I see a Westerly. I used to have one . . .