Friday, 26 October 2012

Solent Galleys Gather

The Bursledon Blogger has reminded me to put up a post about last Saturday's row up the Hamble, which reunited three Solent galleys after decades apart. Two came from Langstone Cutters (Sallyport and Bembridge). The other is Avery A, until recently owned by Newport (IoW) Rowing Club but in the last few weeks transferred to Elephant Boatyard on the Hamble, makers of the wonderful Peanut.
The Elephant Boatyard has an enthusiastic crew of rowers who did extremely well in the Great River Race, coming in eighth in a Bursledon Gig. Now they want to compete in a serious boat.
This is great news - perhaps a Solent galley scene may develop. On Saturday Avery A was borrowed by other Hamble River Rowing stalwarts including Glyn Foulkes and Philip Meakins, and they intend to use her as well.
It would be interesting to run a tape measure over the various boats. Avery A looks different in shape, flatter and less cod-headed.
The picture on the right shows Avery A returning to the Elephant Boatyard past the crew's spiritual home. The picture below shows us in Bembridge about to overtake Avery A on the way up to the Horse and Jockey, with me gasping like a grampus. Not a pretty sight.

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