Monday, 11 November 2013


Cap'n JP at has been comparing all his fancy cameras, including a Canon DSLR, an incredibly compact mirrorless Sony NEX, an Olympus water/dust/shockproof jobby and his Google Nexus 5 smartphone (only just out - what a slave to tech he is).
I seem to have been taking only my Samsung Galaxy Note II phone out recently. Yesterday on the evening tide off Langstone I discovered that its low light performance is
In fact, the image looks like something Edvard Munch might have knocked out on one of his less optimistic days at the easel. 
I must resume packing my Ricoh splashproof camera. Or possibly get one of they Nokia Lumias with the 41 megapixel sensor.


JP said...

In my defense the Nexus replaced an iPhone that was 3 years old and had its cracked back held together with duct tape.

But to be honest, yes, its a fair cop guv, I am a bit of a techno-geek.

O Docker said...

I think you're not giving your phone nearly the credit it deserves.

It has captured quite a respectable photo of some zombies, and we all know just how difficult zombies can be to photograph in the wild.