Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Help a Hero

To Richmond Bridge Boat Club yesterday to coach a crew in training for the Great River Race. To get to the club we passed a slipway where, according to the club's Steve Kemsley, a small boy nearly drowned last week. Nobody had noticed, assuming the slowly-turning mass to be a log blown in by the wind, but one man realised what was going on, dived in and rescued the lad.
He had to walk home in a sodden suit, but his biggest loss was his iPhone. So the Boat Club has launched a fund raiser to replace it for him. 
Every one of us might need someone like him to be around at some moment in our lives, so let's give generously.

Steve Kemsley writes:
Dear all, Following my entry on here a few weeks ago, I have now spoken to the man again. Mark Edwards MBE (Master boat builder) knew him and put us in touch with each other.
This time I was able to express my thanks to him in a much more coherent way and also tell him how many people now knew of his selfless deed. - 81,216 people have read our original post, and Rob The White Cross Pub @WhiteCrossPub tells me that almost 90,000 have seen his Tweet.
The rescuer was very grateful for all the good wishes and wished to thank you all for your comments. He was pleased that the incident has raised some awareness of the the river safety issues at Richmond. Something that the RBBC is very keen on - having made several rescues in our first year and aided others who have got into difficulty on the river.
The rescuer's company has replaced the phone and so luckily he is not out of pocket - which is a huge relief, as not many people could afford to write off £700 on a new phone just like that. I will close the Crowdfunder page and thank those that offered cash - they will not have their accounts debited.
As a token of appreciation, Rob at the White Cross has set up generous bar tab for him next time he goes in. 
Once again, thank you Sir, you did a very good thing. and also thanks also to every one for spreading the word, especially Rob, and for all of your comments, they have been read by the person and have been appreciated. Thank you.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Done... well done that man....

ToneS said...

Has anyone else paid into this?? I tried and was informed that 'the owner has not registered with Paypal' Do I smell fish?

Chris Partridge said...

I managed to pay ok, and I know Steve Kemsley so it's legit.