Sunday, 4 May 2008


Went out at Emsworth this morning. Picked up a good pace and was congratulating myself on how fit I am getting. Noticed admiring glances from couple in massive trimaran on mooring. Then the bolt holding the support of my stretcher slipped out and the bloody thing broke with a loud crack.
Unable to get a firm support for my feet, I had to paddle back slowly and unstylishly. How embarrassing.
Back at the slipway, however, my mood lightened when I overheard the following exchange:
Small boy in foul weather gear and lifejacket: "Now we are going to get wet."
Exasperated parent: "Why is that, dear?"
SBinFWG: "Because the whole point of sailing is getting wet."
Couldn't have put it better myself. Rowers, on the other hand, rarely get wet at all.

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