Tuesday, 20 May 2008

London Whalers

Dick Wynne of London Whalers writes:

Hi Chris,
Excellent website of course!
I notice you have a link to the Henley Whalers (of whom I was a member until moving out of their area two years ago), and wondered if you would like to mention my Montagu Whaler Vancouver based in London, where she has been for a couple of years now. I am trying to get her used by as many individuals or groups as possible, on the basis of a modest contribution to costs (ie her Limehouse marina berth!) each time. Anyone living or working in London, or just passing through, is welcome to come along and try out the experience.
She also sails, and we are off to Seafair at Milford Haven in June.
We have a trailer so hope to get to some of these meetings now & then. Although the summer looks busy, as we go to Milford, plus (believe it or not) Vancouver is my 2nd boat and I have to do justice to the other one, an Albert Strange yawl at the far end of Essex. Then there's the temptation of the Eddystone Challenge if I can whip enough crew together for it.
Something that has always worried me is how five oars works in a boat - wouldn't they tip over? Not a problem, Dick says:
Five oars works fine - the bow oar is slightly shorter and contributes less, plus the bow man is often not pulling whilst he fiddles with lines etc. And with the mast in, bow oar cannot be used anyway. We put the two gorillas one side, three normal types the other!

So that's alright. Even better is the picture of Vancouver passing some old building on the Thames. Look at the smiles on their faces - rowing is fun, people!
So if you are in London and want to get out for the healthiest exercise you can do in public, go to the London Whalers' website and sign up.

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