Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Broads Green Boat Show

Electric boats a-plenty will be congregating at the Broads Green Boat Show on Sunday September 21. Electric boats are good because they are quiet, produce little wash and are, generally, operated by nice people who are considerate to rowers. But one human-powered boat will also be there, Swallow Boats' smashing pedal-powered Winsome.
I tried the Winsome at Beale Park and she is remarkably fast. The crew face each other, which is much more sociable than the usual arrangement where bow can only see the back of stroke's head and stroke can't see bow at all. And it leaves one's hands free to hold a glass of something cold and bubbly. Ideal for the Broads and, indeed, rivers and canals anywhere.
The Broads Green Boat Show is on Salhouse Broad and costs a mere £3 to get in if you come by car, but the really pleasant way to arrive is by boat from Wroxham at a cost of £5 including access to the show.

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