Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Rowing Catamaran

Canadian company RowersWorld are selling an interesting rowing catamaran, the TomCat, although it may be the Skimmer under another name, perhaps.
It is 18ft 6in long and each hull is only 9in wide so it should be fairly fast, and the overall beam is 3ft 3in so its should be extremely stable. It splits into three bits without tools, enabling the boat to be carried on a roof rack without difficulty.
The sensation of rowing over the water is said to be "exciting and dramatic" but also bum-dampening I imagine. And it might not be very manoeuvrable. It is on sale already, down from $4300 to $3700 (plus tax). Has anybody tried one? What's it like on the water?
For comparison, see the Virus Kataram and the prototype Rocat.


Anonymous said...

I have had one for 12 years now and it works great. very stable and fast and the same rigging as a mono hull scull without the worry of going for an unexpected swim. Here in Seattle, that can be serious especially in the winter. Unexpected wakes are not a worry anymore.

ChrisP said...

It's always good to hear from the voice of experience. Have you got some pics? Please email me some and I'll post them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Seattle owner,
I am considering buying a TomCat, and I live in Bellevue. Is it possible to look at your boat? I will provide contact info if yes.

ChrisP said...

D.J. Strickler has left a new comment on your post "Rowing Catamaran":

I have a lightly-used original Dave Emmer Catamaran (built by Chris Maas of Maas Boat Company, Richmond, CA). It has a sliding RIGGER, but can be converted back to a sliding seat. It is now in Corpus Christi, TX. I also have a brand new UNused TomCat catamaran built in Canada that is now in Thomaston, Maine. The TomCat is two feet longer than the original Skimmer designed by the late Dave Emmer from Santa Cruz, CA

Anonymous said...

Not sure if Chris P or DJ Strickler has the Emmer Skimmer and the TomCat, but if either or both are still available, can you contact me?

I don't know if this site allows contact info in comments. If it's allowed, here is how to contact me: clinto cox[dot]net

rick said...

I have owned a Skimmer about four years and I love it. I bought mine used on eBay (I look at eBay often and I've only seen one other Skimmer and it was in bad shape). I live on a lake and keep it on the bank right next to the water. I can get in and out the water without getting my feet wet. I would buy a new one if something ever happened to it. As to wet butts, I only get a little damp when in big waves.

stevie d said...

I have owned a Skimmer for over 15 years. It is a great rower for it's simplicity and taking the worry of tipping out of the equation. My mother who is 81 still loves using it ( I am noe her rowing valet) . I have also tried the Rowcat . It is a little faster- due to the length and the center of gravity I's a little lower than the Skimmer. I convinced a friend to buy the
Rowcat. The result was that he never used it. Now my sister
Is buying it for her cottage. I would highly reccomend either one for fitness and just enjoying being on the water!

gnpu said...

I have an old Skimmer which I love and row on a lake in Northern Wisconsin. Unfortunately the discs that allow the seat to slide along the aluminum central frame are wearing out. Does anyone know where to find new or used parts? If so please contact me. Thanks, John

Anonymous said...

Try skimmerboat.com. I bought some from them a few years ago


Anonymous said...

I have virus kataram boat for sale. It is rarely used I live in gurnee,il region. If anybody is interested please contact me. I am looking to get around 1100-1200, I will include aluminium ores for the price above mentioned. My email iskiteflyer4fun@yahoo.com