Wednesday, 8 April 2009

More on Luxury Cruising

Rick Thompson responds to my post on luxury cruising on the David B:
Very nice. A little poetic license on the David B, but I am with you on the Dutch barge. Someday, to cruise through the canals and rivers of Europe, with a nice barge to spend the night on and a small boat to explore the day with...
If you are interested, the David B is a pretty good story anyway. It was built in 1929 to support the Alaska fishing fleet, wound up abandoned, and was recently restored by Jeffrey and Christine Smith.
They have created a small ship cruise business around the David B, based in Bellingham, Washington. Here is their website. They will take you around Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands or up the Inside Passage to Alaska, if you like.
We took a trip around the San Juans, towing the Whitehall and carrying kayaks on the ship. Days were spent out on the boats or hiking the islands, evenings with wine and gourmet meals, and nights in comfortable beds. The nicest way to explore, in my opinion.
Happy rowing,

Well, thanks a bunch Rick. That was an entire morning WASTED daydreaming about taking the family cruising in the Pacific Northwest. The nature-loving half of the family would spend the days watching whales and stuff while the boat-loving half goes rowing. In the evening we would all meet up for our common interest in food. The only barrier is the cost, especially getting there from the UK - I may have to invest in a lottery ticket this evening...

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