Wednesday, 14 July 2010

River Yealm boat on the Solent

I have always admired West Country rowing boats with their combination of speed, practicality and style, and this is an attractive example from the River Yealm, owned and rowed by Alison Abrams in Keyhaven.
Brian Pearson relates:
"Alison had cancer a little while back and I am pleased to say things have gone well and she can get back to rowing again. She learnt to row on the Yealm and has had her boat for 20 years. To pay something back to the Bournemouth Cancer Unit she did a sponsored 12 mile row on Sunday out to Hurst Castle and back six times. Well done her!
Her boat is called Tom, after the man who taught her to row as a child on the Yealm and then when he died he left her a legacy with which she purchased the boat - a lovely story.
If anyone would also like to contribute they can at Click on donations, then fill in amount, then under "Reasons" enter Alison Abrams Big Row, and please add Gift Aid My Donation."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Alison's rowboat was moulded by the Hockaday Brothers who I think are retired now. Would any of your west country readers know the whereabouts of the mould? Would be great to locate it.