Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Up the River Ant with the HBBR

A really lovely weekend on Barton Broad with the Home Built Boat Rally started with a brisk row up the River Ant to Dilham, passing Hunsett Mill, a windmill that powered a pump for draining the levels behind.
I posted a picture back in 2008 when I passed for the first time, attracted by the fabulous boatshed which I lusted after something chronic.
The complex has now been restored and converted into a large family home. The old millkeeper's cottage has been extended with a fan of 'shadows' clad in charred Japanese oak boards to a design by Adams Kara Taylor of Acme.  It won the uber-prestigious RIBA Manser Medal last year, though local opinion on its merits are, shall we say, divided.
The boathouse has been rebuilt and the staithe extended, but no boats were visible within when we passed, sadly.

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JSK said...

That's a great house/boathouse!