Sunday, 15 May 2011

Up the River Arun

Rules of Rowing I broke today:
1) Apply sunblock even if the weather forecast says 'sunny intervals'.
2) Wear a hat even if it means schlepping back to your car because you have left the bloody thing in the back seat.
3) Remember your elbows get just as much sun and wind as your head.
I'm convinced so-called 'after-sun' lotion does no good beyond relieving the symptoms slightly. I mean, it can't cut out the ultra-violet rays retrospectively, can it? So I'm going to bed feeling like a lobster in Hugh Fearlessly-Eatsitall's boiler.
It was a fabulous day, though.


JP said...

I recognise that spot and hence know why you stopped there in particular!

I think we stopped there too when walking back to Arundel though as it was mid-morning we just had a coffee.

Chris Partridge said...

It was lunchtime on a sunny summer Sunday when we dropped by, so it took forever to get served for drinks of any kind. As for food, fergeddabahdit.