Saturday, 19 November 2011

An Evening Row

I had to spend the day writing a very boring piece on Business Strategy Change Execution, so when I finally finished and looked out of the window to see a cloudless sky, I just had to go for a quick row in Kittwake before sundown. There was just enough tide.
Passed a plastic boat with the three occupants trying desperately to make some way against the tide using two very small paddles and the bailer: their outboard was doing what outboards do best, sulking. I rowed over to a fishing boat across the harbour and got them to go to the rescue.
As the sun went down, nothing but the cries of the birds, now over for their winter stay, and the roar of the waves on the harbour bar a mile away.
The Royal Oak was a welcome sight on my return.

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Antonio Majer said...

Spectacular, both the sunset and the lights of the houses in the dark - I know well those lights: when I was a kid we were used to go to Venice, where my grandparents were living; we would arrive in the twilight on Saturday, with the lights reflected in the water - lucky you who live on the seashore.