Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chris Duff reaches the Faroe Islands

After nearly a week at sea in a boat the same size as mine, Chris Duff has reached the Faroe Islands. 
In his latest blog post, he vividly describes having to cross strong tidal overfalls round Sumba Head, the southernmost tip of the islands. He had no alternative - brisk northerlies were forecast that would have blown him back to Blighty if he didn't carry straight on. He writes:
"In hindsight I would have to say that - though it was one of the scariest experiences of my being on the sea - given all of the variables that were a part of that night, in order to land safely, I would have to do exactly what I did. The most direct line to safety, and the closest shelter from the predicted winds was to head straight across the overfalls for the shelter of the cliffs." 
The picture shows Chris rowing Northern Reach in Lewis before his departure. Now he waits for conditions to turn right for his passage to Iceland. Good luck, Chris.

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