Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Clovelly Scull prototype on eBay

A prototype Clovelly Scull has appeared on eBay, apparently posted by the makers in Cowes, Isle of Wight. It failed to sell for the fairly obvious reason that no one wanted to pay £1,200 for it.
That is a pity, because the boat is lovely to look at, rows extremely well and is very stable and seaworthy. Its sliding wing outrigger eliminates hobby-horsing and the fact that the rower's body does not move fore-and-aft prevents the loss of momentum on the return.
However, Paul Zink, designer of the Clovelly Scull, seemed very surprised when I told him of the sale.
Manufacture of the boat has stalled partly because of the recession but mainly due to Paul's health problems. Happily, he seems to be recovering and expects to make some progress towards getting boats on sale next year.
Also on eBay, a punt made to a design by the great Percy Blandford. It is only 14ft long and divides into two halves so you can get it on a car roof easily, or even inside a larger estate. An ideal canal tourer. Bidding stands at £112 right now (Tuesday tea time) which is a bargain for such a practical craft.

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