Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lucky Weather

I've come to the conclusion that Langstone Cutters' new pilot gig Heart of Hayling is a lucky ship.
She attracts good weather.
Last night was a stinker - a front passed through bringing Force 5 winds and lots of rain. Another front is due any moment now.
But in between, Heart of Hayling crossed Southampton Water from the Hamble to Ashlett Creek in glorious sunshine and light breezes. The picture shows the crew with the old tide mill behind.
It is the third time I've taken her out in unseasonably fair weather after days of rawcoldgreywet horribleness.
The launch of the Gig Club was held in balmy sun after a week of rain, which I now attribute to Heart of Hayling's beneficent influence.
Even the Snow Row put smiles on everyone's faces.
Especially mine.

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