Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Renaming Boats

Renaming a boat is a tricky business, according to notoriously superstitious sailors of ancient times, and involves long and complex ceremonies and many copious libations (which is ponce-speak for boozing).
There is a short summary here.
When Langstone Cutters launched the new Gig Club yesterday, we needed to rename our two first gigs. The name of one, Waterwitch, was retained by the original owners, Charlestown Gig Club, and we wanted to rename the other, Porthminster, to something more suitable. The names we chose are Spirit of Langstone and Heart of Hayling. Very nice.
I assumed the local vicar would do us a nice short prayer and water them with his hissop branch, but no, the AmDram types in the club wanted to do the full works and as one of them was prepared to donate the champagne I wasn't going to stand in their way.
That's Neptune with his trident on the balcony and the rest of the committee dressed in togas, tossing champers around like there's no recession.
It was very ridiculous and fantastic fun. The sun shone brightly for the first time in weeks and it was a great start to 2013.
Lots more pictures on YouTube.


Chris Waite said...

I think I might like to have a go in one of these, Christo

Any chance?


Brian said...

Chris, would this 8 man gig on apolloduck be of use to the club

Rowperfect UK said...

Love this article, Chris. I've linked to it on the Rowperfect news blog.

O Docker said...

I was believing most of this account, including the part about Neptune showing up, but then you said the sun was shining too.