Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Carbon Blades (cont)

The carbon blades are repainted. The rough black finish has been replaced by a glowing blue. I'm rather pleased with them.
The car touch-up paint from Halfords worked a treat, though a can was only enough to do two colour coats on each blade, so by the time I had got through a can of adhesion promoter, one of primer/undercoat, two of blue and another of clear lacquer, I think I might have spent less on two-pack.

PS Today we went for lunch at Emsworth. The wind was in the south, and we made the mistake of taking the short northerly route so had to row through a rather stiff chop whipped up by the long fetch.
So we went to the Blue Bell and had beer and peanuts*, "The Lunch of Heros".

* Specifically, Irving's Frigate and Saharas Hot Nuts. Recognised by dieticians and food scientists as two of your five a day.

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Rob said...

Hi, I just saw your oar blade painting project... Awesome results !!

I came to the same conclusion and used a good auto-primer and a glowing white top-coat called something like "Van and truck white enamel." Spray-cans from the local Canadian-Tire Shop.

THAT part worked out great, but the clear-coat I used on it went sideways, and after a year, it had all turned yellow and most had flaked off, the rest with a bit of gentle help from a plastic edge scraper. The white is like steel, hard, not a mark.

If I do it again, I think I will make a deal with the owner of the local Collision Repair. Best that it not be a paint that needs to go into the dryers, though, as many Carbon Oars are assembled with a high temperature Hot-Glue, don't want to mess with that.