Sunday, 19 January 2014

St Ayles Skiff at Langstone

The St Ayles skiff I rowed at Beale Park last year, Hoi Larntan, came to Langstone in very un-January warmth. At Beale we had a scratch crew of sailors, but with an experienced crew from the Cutters and CRA Blakeney, she moves nicely along.
The oars, straight as per Scottish Coastal Rowing rules, were the first the club made, I think,  and are much too short. We put in a pair of the new, longer oars from Langstone Lady and took her out for a brief spin and she felt much more comfortable with the extra length inboard. It may even be possible to use even longer oars, say 13ft, though when you get to that sort of length the weight can be a bit of a problem for smaller rowers even if the balance is right.
Here she is with Sallyport behind.

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