Saturday, 1 November 2014

All Saint's Day

A day well spent on the boat. The paint and varnish are now removed from the transom and one side. Tomorrow will see it all gone, I hope.
There was just time to take Kittiwake out for an hour between the tide coming in and the sun going down. It was blowing Force 4 from the southwest, so it seemed a good idea to slog SW to get a bit of a push on the way home. I rowed for three quarters of an hour upwind, where I took a picture of the sunset. Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower is just visible against the sun.
A few minutes later the sun had faded enough to change the colours of the sky completely.
With wind+tide behind, it took just 20 minutes to get back. And so to pub.


Tillerman said...

And so to pub.

Best line ever to end a blog post.

And I suspect I know which pub.

Chris Partridge said...

That was the pub all right.