Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Brewery Row (cont) (eventually)

Sorry about the delay in continuing the saga of the Row to the Brewery.
The approach to Southampton took us past several rather large cruise ships. Rachel looks calm and collected because she is facing the other way.
There is no apparent entrance to Town Quay - you have to thread your way between several pontoons designed to keep the wash of the Isle of Wight ferries out. They have no effect whatever.
The Platform Tavern and Dancing Man Brewery are decorated with the reticence and understated good taste for which Southampton is famed.
A pint of Dancing Man's Pilgrims Pale Ale is piquant and refreshing. Two pints are even more refreshing. Here we are getting totally refreshed.
Recovering the boat. Note the blocked exit to the marina.
Off we go. The sudden drop is no danger at all - it was the bloody post that was the problem. There was a bit of a breeze and the wake of the high speed catamarans nearly pushed us on it. They should take it away. Bloody post.
(Thanks to Ron Williams for the pictures with me in them).

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Bursledon Blogger said...

You can imagine the conversation.
Oarsman " we're rowing to the brewery"
Coxan "I'll fetch my water skis"