Monday, 20 July 2009

Indian Ocean rowers arrive at Mauritius

The first wave of boats in the Indian Ocean Race have arrived at Mauritius.
First across the line was Aud Eamus (above), but that did not win because it was not actually in the race - the boat has a crew of eight and does not comply with the rules - it was entered to set a record for the event which they duly did (scrutineers permitting).
Next in, and claiming first place, was Bexhill Trust Challenger.
Third to arrive was the all-woman crew of Pura Vida (right) but one of their number fell and injured herself, and the boat was blown north of the official finishing line. They did, however, pass the longitude of the line unaided to become the first female team to officially row the Indian Ocean.
As a result of these confusions, the fourth boat to arrive, Rowing for Prostate, came in second.
The two pairs boats are still more than 500 nautical miles from the finish line.
One of the fours, two other pairs and both solo attempts had to retire from the race.
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