Monday 5 April 2010

Modifying Simbo

It is a bank holiday here in England, when the banks are compelled to shut up shop so commerce is impossible and everyone can go to play. That is the theory anyway - there does seem to be an awful lot of commerce going on.
But not at chez Partridge, because today Simbo gets finished. The rush to get on the water meant that the interior only got a couple of coats of primer/undercoat and the gunwale got no finish at all.
I am also making a few changes in the light of lessons learnt at the launch.
Firstly, something needs to be done about that tummy, but that is a more long term aim. Can you see how I am having to hold my legs uncomfortably straight to swing the oars back? So the main mod today is to move the rowlocks upwards and backwards to give a more comfortable rowing action. If all goes well Simbo may get wet again this afternoon.

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