Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tasmanian skiff

Here's Alan Witt's Derwent skiff under oars on the Derwent - the Derwent in Tasmania, that is. It is an attractive 5.5m sliding seat design available in kit form or as plans from Witt Design Wooden Boats
Alan is keen to make the most of the moulds the hull is built on, and circulates details of used moulds to potential builders so they can be re-used. Very environmental.
One is now available from Michael Charlton, pictured here sitting in the hull he has just taken off the mould you can just see inside the house. He writes:
Hi Chris,
While I have yet to fit out the buoyancy tanks and out-riggers I couldn’t believe how light the hull is to lift; this, its length and shallow draft suggest a super-fast vessel. Now I am more eager than ever to get the thing afloat!
Allan has been hugely supportive throughout this project and is naturally keen to encourage other interested builders; as I intend to build only one Derwent I have no further use for the mould, which will be stored near Sutton in Surrey. For a modest fee, the next builder may have a head-start – might any of your UK readers be interested?
More information and pictures are available on Allan’s website;
Best wishes.
Michael Charlton.
If you are interested in the mould, drop me an email and I will pass it on to Michael.
And Michael - keep us up to date on the build. It is looking good!

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