Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New Boats at the HBBR Thames Raid (3)

The last time I saw Chris Adeney he was in a 'painting everything that moves green' phase, but his latest boat, a strip-plank Canadian canoe, he has left the wood bright and very nice it looks too. The wood, Western Red Cedar, came from a friend so I suspect it was all from one tree, resulting in a much more consistent colour than you often get. It looks fabulous - no wonder it won the 'Most Professional Looking Boat' prize in the Water Craft Amateur Boat Building Competition.
Behind is Phil Oxborrow in Tonawanda, with Gem the Wonder Dog in the bow.
David Bewick launched Aberrare, an Aber design sailing dinghy by Francois Vivier. Also a lovely job. David says the name was virtually the only acceptable name he could get out of 'Aber' - after all, 'Aberration' isn't a nice name for a boat and she would sulk. Then he discovered that the Latin word 'Aberrare' means 'wander away' and that seemed just right.

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