Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bursledon Gigs at the Great River Race

Hamble-based Bursledon Gigs always put in a good showing at the GRR despite being short and wide. Proof again that it isn't the boat, it's the crew. And they start just ahead of Gladys so I can get a few good snaps as we pass (!).
That great bunch of girls Crazy Daisy (above) finished in a very creditable 3hr 10m.
Snapped approaching Tower Bridge is either Exocet or Point Source.
Some, however, we failed to catch including Annihilators who stormed home 12th in a time of 2hr 54m and the Hand family in Mistress who finished just ahead of us at 29th.
One of the encouraging things about the GRR is the increasing number of youth crews, mainly from the Sea Scouts and Sea Cadets.
Hamble Sea Scouts rowing Bursledon Gigs dominated the leader boards, taking the Under 18 and Under 16 trophies - well done them!

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