Monday, 9 September 2013

Dressing Up

The Great River Race is always an excuse for dressing up, especially for the charity fundraisers. The first part of the prizegiving ceremony is traditionally a vote for the best dressed crew, made by acclamation. The crowd's favourite by a considerable margin (judged by the roar of approval) was The Sunderland Flying Boat, who were raising money to raise a Sunderland currently lying in the bottom of a Welsh estuary. They rowed Montagu Whaler Collingwood (the picture above is from their Facebook page).
The Sea Wombles in Old Sinky.
Talk about stereotypes...this is a four-oared currach called Magical Merlin.
Robin Hood Invasion Boat (from the film, I think) manned by monks in monkey masks.
These are the Sea Girls in a River Teign seine boat.
My personal favourite, Henry VIII and a selection of wives and the man that chopped their heads off, inexplicably rowing the Maltese dghajsa that appeared in last year's race.
To combat the leprechauns, a gigload of Cornish piskeys from Port Isaac.

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