Friday, 13 September 2013

St Ayles Skiffs at the Great River Race

There were four St Ayles skiffs in the Great River Race this year. Coigach Community Rowing Club came all the way from Loch Broom with Coigach Lass and Lily-Rose. The picture shows them powering past us at the Montevetro Building in Battersea (grrr....). Shortly afterwards, Coigach Lass drew away from Lily-Rose to come in 15th overall, winning the mixed crew trophy - well done!
Groot & Grut
Hoi Larnton
Also racing was Hoi Larnton from Blakeney in Norfolk, and Groot & Grut from Woudrichem in the Netherlands. I think 'Groot & Grut' means 'Great and Small'. This picture is from their website, which has several more.
Which demonstrates that the St Ayles skiff is now a truly international phenomenon after a few short years. Amazing.
This picture from the Hoi Larnton blog shows the St Ayles skiffs on the slipway at Millwall on the day before the race - flanking dear old Gladys and Mabel.

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