Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sprite on Soton Water

Fernando in Brazil says he is 'in platonic love' with my Chippendale Sprite, Snarleyow, so here's a pic of her in action on Sunday going up Southampton Water, passing one of the iconic and much-loved Weston Shore flats (SARCASM ALERT).
I think you know this already, Fernando, but Sprite kits are supplied by Seabird Boats of Rye, although as you rightly say shipping one to Brazil might be eye-wateringly expensive.
There are no direct equivalent plans of this wonderful design, unfortunately, though you might take a look at Iain Oughtred's slippy little sliding seat skiff Snipefish, or if you fancy something more traditional, his Thames skiff Mole.
Francois Vivier does a very nice line of rowing boats including a double ender, Elorn.
John Welsford is an experienced rower and it shows in his designs, of which my favourite is Joansa.
The photo, taken by DCA member Alan Moulton from his Yachting Weekly Day Boat, shows the oar handles neatly crossed so I can hold them together with one hand to stabilise the boat, while I take a picture of Alan with the other. Very satisfactory to have the blades correctly adjusted again.


Unknown said...


thank you for your kind post. Please don't be jealous! I'm in love with every Sprite, not just Snarleyow, although its outriggers are more graceful than those in the Seabird Boats website.

In fact I knew about Seabird, and it's a sad thing (for me!) that the plans can't be bought.

But it was heartwarming to know about the Snipefish. The lenght and beam are almost the same, and the design seems close. It sure desirves a try, but won't avoid coping some Sprite features shown in the photos (as the outriggers of Snarleyow!).

I could not see what you described in the last photo, maybe it's switched.

Best regards from the tropics,

Fernando Batista

Chris Waite said...

Or I can provide Fernando the plans for 'Octavia'; as previously indicated a 'few' times, the shell itself is from eight simple identical pieces from two sheets.... http://uk-hbbr-forum.967333.n3.nabble.com/The-Three-Sheets-Rowing-Skiff-tp4026174.html

By the way, she's for sale, but more of that soon

Chris Waite

Unknown said...

Realy?! I would sure apreciate! Do you think a rolling seat could be adapt?

Anonymous said...

You might consider the Oxford wherry, it seems that plans are available from your side of the pond. I am after a Sprite but kits no longer available.


Woodbutcher said...

You might consider the Oxford wherry from Angus boats. It seems they supply kits or plans from your side of the pond


I am after a Sprite but was told that kits are no longer available.