Tuesday, 25 March 2014

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FACEBOOK, Monday: Neil "Leather Lungs" Calore and Bill "Jarhead" Fite high-five on becoming the only boat to row, sail, paddle and push their boat all the way round Florida in one of the most punishing small boat races in the world, the Ultimate Florida Challenge. The race includes a 40 mile portage from the St Mary's River to the Suwannee. 
Neil summarises: 
"Total time: 23 days, 10 hrs, 17 mins.
Total statute miles: 1290
Miles sailed/rowed: 940
Miles paddled: 310
Miles walked: 40
Jokes told: 1,000's
Good jokes told: 2
Amount of fun had by Jarhead & LeatherLungs: ∞"

HEAR THE BOAT SING, Tuesday: An interesting theory in linguistics. Were the Belgian 'vainqueurs' of the Henley Grand Challenge Cup 1907 the origin of the fourth most offensive word in English?

INTHEBOATSHED.NET, Monday: Riparian owners on the Rivers Tavy and Tamar want to stop traditional salmon netting to protect their stocks upriver. Salmon netting is done under oars by just four licenced fisherman, so it is totally sustainable. Sign the petition now!

DUCKWORKS MAGAZINE, Tuesday: Bill launches his smashing Mollyhawk skiff, designed by John Welsford. Says he 'needs to learn to row effectively'. The wonderful thing about rowing, Bill, is that if you just get out there and do it, you will be rowing effectively, efficiently and stylishly very soon.

MISSISSIPPIMILLION, Tuesday: Mark Stanley has completed the second traditional Thames skiff for John Pritchard's epic row down the Mississip.

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