Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Hoorah for daylight saving! Suddenly evening rowing is feasible. Today I went out with the Hamble River Rowers in the Solent galley Avery A, and there was enough light to go all the way up to the Horse and Jockey, have a quick pint of London Pride and get back just as the light was finally going.
As we left, we spotted the Hands' family's new boat, bought to enable them to row double now the children are gradually flying the nest and a full crew for their Bursledon gig Mistress can't be found so often. She was rowed up from Hamble. Chris yelled from his comfortable position on the pub pontoon that she is built to the Mole design by Iain Oughtred. Very pretty and smart.
When we reached the H&J we found barely enough water to reach the top of the brook to their jetty, so neap was the tide. We had to take the rudder off to get the last few yards, and getting on and off the jetty was a perilous operation. I'm surprised no one had to row back sopping wet.

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