Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Film Work

The BBC came to Langstone yesterday to shoot a clip for a documentary on D-day, planned to go out close to the 70th anniversary in June. They wanted a traditional rowing boat to illustrate just how exposed invaders were in amphibious operations such as Gallipoli in the first war, leading to the development of specialised landing craft for D-day.
The weather forecast had been dire, but when they turned up the clouds dispersed, the sun came out and all was fab. "The BBC forecast is always wrong," cried the BBC cameraman.
The presenter, Ben Cantrememberthename, asked the producer "Shall I row down that way and talk?"
I had to point out that if he did, he would have his back to the camera owing to rowers facing the wrong way.
"Oh, didn't realise that," from the entire crew.

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Yvonne said...

Brilliant Chris! You always have something new and interesting to offer.