Thursday, 19 March 2009

Scullmatix now available at Duckworks

Guy Capra, inventor of the Scullmatix automatic sculling oar, has proudly emailed the good news that the device is now on sale at Duckworks, and here is a video of Chuck Leinweber using it. The price is $47.50 plus shipping, and in the interests of science I have ordered one and will report on performance in due course.
Talking of Duckworks, the Magazine today has a fascinating article by Eric Staggs in the Pacific North West on his construction of a recreational shell for his rower wife. He took the CLC Oxford Rowing Shell design and built it light, using 3mm ply instead of 4mm and lighter glass mat for sheathing etc. It made for a trickier build (ply that light in pieces that long tend to flop about uncontrollably) but the result is fabulous. Here is Mrs Staggs rowing it with style.


E said...

If anyone has further questions on the Oxford article or the boat herself, you can contact me via blogger comments at or through Chuck Leinweber at Duckworks magazine.

Its been a lovely boat to row.


Chris Partridge said...

Thanks for the comment Eric. I like the blog - clearly you have the usual problems about conflicting needs for boats and kitchens!