Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Snow Row

The annual Snow Row in Hull, Massachusetts, was held on Saturday, organised by the Hull Lifesaving Museum. It starts 'Le Mans' style, with all the crews rushing to the boats and getting going in a confused bunch. Then the kayakers carry their boats to the water, followed by the ocean shells. It is very impressive by all accounts, and perishing cold.
There were no fewer than ten pilot gigs in the race - I had no idea they were so popular on the other side of the pond.
This picture was taken by Samantha Panek, who was on the ferry while Ray Panek was on the water winning the ocean shell category. Some vivid reports on the Irow forum here, more great pictures by Samantha here, and a report from a journalist who had little idea what she was watching here, but it has an excellent slideshow.
More pics here, with some particularly good ones of the mayhem at the start.

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