Thursday, 18 February 2010

Boats pour out of Ullapool

 It's all go at Ullapool on the shores of Loch Broom in Scotland. It is a hive of boatbuilding activity, reports that artist in clinker ply, Chris Perkins. These are his pictures of the unofficial 'let's just check she doesn't leak or capsize' pre-launch of the latest creation of traditional 'real wood' boatbuilder Adrian Morgan.
The 15ft sailing sjekte rides a bit high because the rig and in particular the water ballast has not been fitted. When complete and down to her marks the oar handles will lie much lower and she will be easier to row, I suspect.
Here is Adrian finding out how tender the boat is, and below Charlotte (the illustrator of Adrian's column in Classic Boat) rows and Dan steers. The boat looks absolutely lovely.
No fewer than three St Ayles Skiffs are under construction in Ullapool, a tremendous thing that should inspire intense competition this summer. Here is Ulla under construction by Mike Connors (in green) and Topher Dawson (in blue).
Chris writes:
"Too darned cold up here for much boatbuilding - although we are finding that West Poxy is going off in unbelievably low temperatures - we should be gluing the sheerstrake on Friday and turning over sometime next week. Topher Dawson is doing the bulk of the work, learning a very great deal from him, watching him in action is pure magic. His bearding line gauge idea is brilliant and will transform my stem accuracy. All three Ullapool Skiffs are beginning to shape up nicely. Has really taken off well up here."

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Richard said...

Thank you .. Your reports are a boost to my day. I can hardly wait for winter to be over