Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Rowing in Heraldry

This coat of arms is on Norway House in Trafalgar Square. OK so heraldic achievements are not supposed to be totally realistic but they might have had the crew rowing in the same direction - that barque of commerce ain't goin' noplace.


JP said...

Ignoring all that stuff about artistic licence, could the rowers be out of phase so left had side about to dip in and the right had side just taken out?

Was down in Greenwich over the weekend and popped into the National Maritime Museum and they had a lovely example of that sort of craft in the main hall.

ChrisP said...

An interesting theory, Cap'n, but the truly awful thing about this ship is that she has two bows. "A ship divided against itself cannot float" as the good book nearly says.
Must go to Greenwich again - I used to live close by and it is one of my favouritest places.

JP said...

I've heard of boats that can sail in both directions and so have two bows, but they don't have a good reputation!

Certainly enjoyed my trip to Greenwich, the NMM, and the view from the old observatory.

ChrisP said...

The proas of the South Seas are highly regarded, as long as you don't have to tack too often.
Damn, now I have those Must Flee This Rain to a Sun Soaked Pacific Atoll blues.