Wednesday, 19 January 2011

North West Passage by skiff

Christine, Damian and I took the Teifi skiff Millie through the North West Passage today.
Not the one in the Arctic, the channel round the back of North Binness Island in Langstone Harbour, but it was an exploration nevertheless because we had been informed it was much too narrow.
So we edged gingerly through at high spring tide and it was fine. Then we went to the pavender, and that was exploring new ground too because no-one in Langstone Cutters Rowing Club had been to the Great Salterns Mansion by water before. We found an iron ladder set into the harbour wall, tied the boat to it and went for a quick Guinness before heading back. You can see an interactive GPS track with pictures at Sports Tracker.
Best of all, though, was skiving off work on a Wednesday and being rewarded with a clear blue sky and calm water after ten days of wind, rain and general horribleness.

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