Saturday, 29 January 2011

Row down the River Arun

A brilliant row down the River Arun today, covering a stretch I haven't been on before. Chris Waite and his self-designed skiff Octavia were waiting at the bridge at Pulborough when Damian Grounds and I arrived towing 15 Seconds, a GRP Salter Skiff kindly lent by Mike Gilbert and Ian Maclennan, who keep it at the Langstone Cutters boat park.
We started off as a double scull, but with me at the front the bow was practically underwater so we changed over to one sculling in the bow seat and the other steering at the stern. 15 Seconds has a superbly comfortable passenger seat. If it had a heater and a bar it would be the perfectest cox's accommodation ever.
The Arun is tidal for most of its navigable length, about 18 miles, and the top of the tide at Pulborough is about five hours behind high tide at Littlehampton where it debouches into the Channel. The current can be strong on the ebb, up to 5 knots, so it is a good idea to set out before the current builds up.
Close to Arundel we stopped at the famous Black Rabbit pub with its lovely view of Arundel Castle, seat of the Duke of Norfolk.
Then we pulled out at the new slipway of the Arundel Boat Club, funded rather generously by the Duke.
The satellite track and more pics are here.

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JP said...

I recognise that - that's where went walking with the Natural Navigator: lovely countryside!