Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sound advice for winning races

I swore I would never watch Three Smartypants Comics Make Snarky Remarks for a Whole Hour of My Time ever again, but I have a cold and am too weak to do anything but watch the telly and tonight there was nothing, nothing else on. And although I still wouldn't recommend you watch the whole thing, the glory of the BBC iPlayer is that you can skip the longeurs and watch the stunning footage of a Fife-designed yacht and a lovely victualling inshore craft or VIC (incorrectly described as a Clyde puffer).
But the highlight was a rowing race in a couple of nice clinker dinghies in which Griff Rhys-Jones ruthlessly demolished a 17 year old called Angus.
He then called Angus over and got him to lift the bow of his boat. He had gone down beforehand to ensure that he had the lightest boat. Cunning - that's how age beats inexperience.
The race is in Episode 1 so I'm afraid you only have a couple of days to watch it. And apologies to non-UK residents who can't get to watch it at all (but it was paid for out of our license fee after all).


JP said...

I think I had exactly the same reaction to that three men do something or other in Scotland.

On the plus side its lack of anything exciting meant you could wander around at home doing chores while it was on, occasionally going "how pretty"

Patrick Hay said...

I saw a couple of the "Three Men" programmes and hated them. Playing silly buggers in boats just isn't interesting or amusing to me.
Only Griff Rhys-Jones knows anything about boats and the others try way too hard to be funny.

From the picture you show, it looks as if the 17 year-old's rowing technique might need improving

Chris Partridge said...

The brand new oars tend to indicate how much of a producer's setup the whole thing was.
Puir wee Angus does need a lesson or two but Griff rowed like a sailor. An extremely well-dressed sailor, tho'.