Thursday, 14 July 2011

Night Rowing

I've rarely rowed at night, though it is a particular pleasure. Last night Langstone Cutters went to Fowley Island, an old oyster bed near Emsworth, for a midnight feast.
We set off just as the sun was setting, and Marcus fried up bacon and Graham produced home-baked bread for top-hole bacon butties. People brought a strange variety of drinks from hot chocolate and coffee to brandy, whiskey and even sloe gin.
Rowing back in Bembridge, the predicted 20 per cent cloud cover closed in to nearly 100 per cent and the full moon disappeared. Gliding across the mirror-like water in the dark with no sound but the splash of the oars was rather magical.
Just glad we didn't hit anything.
Also, sorry about the quality of the picture - my phone does not do well in low light.

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Alberto A. Villa said...

¡great!, Chris, welcome to nigt's lovers [see]