Friday, 23 August 2013

Clovelly Scull at Cobnor

To my surprise, a Clovelly Scull appeared at the DCA/HBBR camping week at Cobnor with proud new owner Gerald.
It is one of the prototypes, sold off by the IoW builder. Gerald spotted it on this blog (I'll have to start charging commission).
I took it out for a quick whirl. The wheels on the sliding rigger had snagged on protruding screw heads and a couple had shredded rather badly so the action was less than silky smooth but Gerald is going to attend to that when he gets it home. He is also going to have to attend to the retractable skeg which won't drop down without a prod from a blade.
But it was nice to experience the smooth action of the sliding rigger, eliminating the hobby-horsing you get with sliding seats, and the reassuring stability of of the broad hull.


Bursledon Blogger said...

whats the lovely yellow dinghy in the background?

Chris Partridge said...

That is an 11ft Cegall design by Selway Fisher, beautifully built by its owner, Alan Moulton, from a kit by Seabird Boats in Rye, I believe. Alan ranges far and wide in that boat - the day the pic was taken he and David Sumner in the Mirror went to the Folly Inn on the Isle of Wight for lunch.