Monday, 26 August 2013

Sailing, I am Sailing

It being a bank holiday I went sailing today, for a change. I volunteered to crew in Wayne Oliver's ultra-traditional looking boat Ever Hopeful, down in Cobnor for the DCA/HBBR camping week.
Ever Hopeful used to be the slow boat of the fleet, but Wayne has changed the rig from a ketch (mainmast plus mizzenmast mounted forward of the rudder) to a schooner (two masts, the main at least equal in height to the foremast). Performance is a lot perkier as a result. Graham Neil has some nice pictures at Port-na-storm.
Wayne kindly allowed me to steer, and once I had my hands on the tiller I held it with a grip of death for the entire day (Sorry, Wayne!). At least I didn't go aground or hit anything. And we got nearly to the top of Prinsted Channel where we came across that lovely Scottish fishing boat Ocean Pearl.
Now, I distinctly remember Ocean Pearl's owner, Nick Gates, promising me a sail in her which hasn't happened yet so if you are reading this, Nick, I have a few free days in the next few weeks....
It was also a privilege to meet Chris Peacock, who I knew must be a jolly fine chap just from the name. He has a very beautiful traditionally-built gaffer called, coincidentally, Pearl. Here she is, pictured on her way up to Prinsted as we came back down.

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Graham Neil said...

It is always an experience and a privilege to sail in Ever Hopeful.

Glad you survived without hitting anything!