Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Why Power Boats and Jetskis Should be Banned

Reason 56:
They are just TOO DANGEROUS.

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Chris Waite said...

Chichester Harbour Awash

John’s got a great big RIB; he towers astride the saddle
He’s so much more impressive than those who simply sail, or paddle
The skill with which his mighty arms flick throttle and the wheel
Compare magnificently with – his eyes as hard as steel

Demurely there before him, bored, vacuous and cold
His girlfriend in the latest kit, though she’s not entirely ‘sold’
He shouts into his hand-held, his finger stuck on send
And switched to channel sixteen, he’s chatting with a friend

Clamped upon the transom, two mighty engines roar
Conspicuous consumption – so the fuel rate is poor
Care for the environment? What a load of tosh!
Rearing on the half-plane, creates an awesome wash

Not a thought for what’s behind, boats reeling in his wake
On water, that moments before, was calmer than a lake
So what if it’s a quiet place with wild-fowl and views
That people enjoy peacefully, who’ve also paid their dues

It’s actually just a deep-V hull, with a fender all around
Is that because your boat handling’s – not so very sound?
A bit like training wheels and learner plates and such
Why don’t you go and take the time to learn the master’s touch?

He bought the boat – well partly; he also paid to come
Why should it even cross his mind he’s arrogant and dumb?
What goes on between his ears, there’s very few can tell
But I’d really like to ask him, “Do you wet the bed as well?”