Saturday 13 December 2008

Ocean Pearl again

Ocean Pearl makes regular appearances on this blog because I can't resist photographing her every time our paths cross in Chichester Harbour. It turns out that she is owned by her restorer, shipwright Nick Gates. He writes:

Hello there, just found your website, and I have really enjoyed reading a few of your blogs.
I own Ocean Pearl, and remember you taking these pics. We had just raced from the bar to the Nab tower and back and were fairly euphoric as we had finished 17 mins ahead of 27 other modern burmudian yachts.
The pic you have of that black cutter in Madeira is actually a true Zulu hull, but gaff rigged. It would be nice to know her name. She has the defining extreme raked sternpost and plum stem. She is a long way from Scotland!
I do have an interest in rowing, one of my first restorations was of a Thames skiff, 18', when I was about 13. I still have it and it is on the list of things to do, as the last 27 years have taken their toll...
I used it in Chichester Harbour for a few years where it coped admirably with swells and short chop. If anyone you know would like it then its free to a good home.
We took Ocean Pearl to Southampton Boatshow to salute the Spirit of Mystery and her crew. We had 'Good luck Mystery' flown in signal flags when we arrived, and were honoured when Pete let us moor alongside. It was great to see over the Mystery and meet the crew. It also saved us the entrance fee to the show! We left at 18:00, and were back at Prinsted by 23:00. after a moonlit motor up the Solent. I plan to tweek the rig this winter, and add a mizzen topmast and topsail. I am also increasing the size of the jib to 450 sqft to improve her light airs perfomance. You would be most welcome to come for a spin next summer!
Regards, Nick Gates

Now that's an offer that would be churlish to refuse. Thanks Nick!

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Anonymous said...

The black Zulu in Madeira is almost certainly the LEENANE HEAD - built in Scotland (Stephens, Banff) for Ireland.

She was taken to France for resoration about 10 years ago. Initially re-rigged as a lugger - but converted to gaff.

She has crossed the Atlantic a couple of times.

There are some pictures of her in Brest on the shipspotting web site.