Monday, 22 December 2008

Rowing Slow

Mike Davenport's day job is helping rowers win races by fine tuning their shells and riggers for maximum speed, and he has developed a great website with lots of tips for improving your setup. Normally, of course, this blog advocates a much more laid back approach to rowing but even if all you do is potter up the river to the pub, getting your boat properly adjusted will add a lot to your pleasure. I found this out when I raised the Snarleyow's riggers a bit and found this simple change transformed the boat and doubled the pleasure.
Mike is not, however, totally focused on winning. He also appreciates the simple pleasure of recreational rowing. He writes:

Thanks Chris.
Wanted to let you know that your photos are super. They add greatly to your blog. 
I've also signed up for your RSS. It gets tiresome having a constant focus on speed. It is really nice to read about the pleasure part of rowing . . . more should be doing that.

Mike has even produced a short ebook for free download from his site, called Rowing Slow, and a delightful read it is, explaining exactly why everyone should row for pleasure occasionally even if you usually row to beat the opposition into a heaving porridgy mess.
The picture is of skiffs on the Thames, taken at the Traditional Boat Show a few years back. Just to remind you what boats designed for pleasure rather than business look like.

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