Thursday, 27 June 2013

Gadget Anxiety

Electronics and water don't mix, so gadget anxiety is high on boat trips of more than a couple of days. Luckily, I was well prepared.
My phone is a Sony Xperia Go, which is not only a fine phone with a decent camera but waterproof.
It was kept charged with a couple of excellent pieces of kit. First is the Freeloader Classic solar charger, which has a battery that you charge up from the mains before you leave and then top up by leaving it out all day with the 'wings' deployed, soaking up rays.
The battery is big enough to totally recharge a smartphone, and the solar panels can recharge the battery in a couple of days. The sun doesn't even need to be out, though it helps. I suspect that a non-stop-chatting, always-texting, continuously-Facebook-updating, games-playing teenager would not be kept going indefinitely by solar power alone, but it easily coped with my needs.
So I didn't really need the Mophie Juice Pack Duo, a battery big enough to recharge a tablet and a smartphone in one hit. This is a very smart bit of kit and would have been invaluable had I not left my iPad in the car....


JP said...

Boating *and* gadgets - just my sort of post.

I've been wondering if I've taken too much tech gear on my current trip but there's only one small box that hasn't been used (naughty naughty EE for locking my 4G to wifi box to its sim).

Trevor said...

I've got one of the smaller capacity mophie batteries and it's pretty nice to have on weekend trips. Especially since my iPhone has become my GPS and camera.