Friday, 28 June 2013

Yay for the Spork!

As I have mentioned before, camp cookery should involve no more than:
1) Open tin and slop contents into pan;
2) Heat and eat.
A pre-raid sweep through Tesco for camping stuff discovered a much greater range of canned instant meals since my last expedition. 'The Works' was a great find, but the top culinary experience was Beans with Chorizo Sausage yum yum. Also Thai Chicken Curry, but that needs rice as well so doesn't really count.
The big surprise in the camping aisle was a spork. The spork is probably the most reviled cutlery innovation since the fork itself ("God in his wisdom has provided man with natural forks - his fingers. Therefore it is an insult to Him to substitute artificial metallic forks for them when eating," thundered a senior cleric back in medieval times).
The classic spork has a spoon with short stubby tines on, so it is fairly useless both as a spoon and a fork. Tesco's new one is a redesign by a Swedish designer called Joachim Nordwall, which puts the spoon and fork at opposite ends of the handle, and adds a serrated edge to the fork. For tinned ready meals, it is ideal. The spoon holds a proper quantity of beans, and the long tines of the fork can spear the sausages, and you can hold the canteen in one hand and eat with the other. Brilliant.
Just don't leave it hanging over the edge of the canteen when on the stove though - notice the bubbly edge?

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Time to get some provisions in - if the weather improves (ha) I may have a night on board soon - The Works will feature heavily.....!