Monday, 7 July 2014

A Tender Mystery

Brandon Ford, sailor and blogger, has bought a mystery tender for his yacht Oceanus, found on Craigslist. He wants RfP readers to help identify her.
Tenders are generally unloved utility boats. Some people deliberately pick horrible ugly boats in the hope they won't get stolen or vandalised on the shore. But Brandon seems to have fallen a bit in love with this one: "She is so much fun to row that I found excuses to row her," he says.
Brandon writes:
Hi Chris,
I would really like to know who built my new (to me) dinghy. It is handy, capable and rows really nice. There are some pics on my blog: The Log of Hagoth: A mystery dinghy for my Columbia 43.
The new mystery dinghy for Oceanus. By the way, the cooler was heavy, its not just my butt that's making her down in the bow.
Any ideas from you or the readers of Rowing for Pleasure, would surely be appreciated.
Any ideas? Post a comment!

1 comment:

Brandon Ford said...

Thanks Chris. I will post some pic of the dinghy's bottom soon once I bring her home to work on her.