Sunday, 13 July 2014

Clearing the Backlog

Owing to sloth, idleness and indolence I have failed to post on a number of things that have happened recently. This is one of them.
The rowing Laser, PicoMicroYacht, which readers with long memories might recall was rowed across the Channel and round Land's End has gone down the navigable length of the Thames.
Robin Morris starts his account at Lechlade and finishes at Greenwich. A great voyage - I now want to do the whole thing in one long holiday - the only reservation being that the English weather doesn't seem to guarantee a couple of weeks or so without rain (if you recall, even the Three Men in their Boat abandoned their trip at Pangbourne because the heavens opened.)


JP said...

Thanks - I saw the dinghy row by in the pouring rain and wondered what the story was (just posted pic)

Chris Partridge said...

Thanks for that, JP. If any of you don't know his fine blog, here is the link:
Nice pic!